I have been Living Spiritual Art almost my entire life!  As a very young child, I longed to be able to draw and miraculously it seemed, at the age of 12, I discovered that I had an ability to draw portraits!  I painted and drew for fun over several years but life and work got in the way and so this joy in my life sat on the “back burner” for 20 years.  Just weeks following my 40th Birthday, I experienced what can only be described as a spiritual awakening.  It was out of this event that I felt compelled to pick up pencil and paper once again and draw the beings that I was able to now see clairvoyantly.

What an amazing voyage of discovery it has been in the 22 years since this event!!!  At that time, there were very few Spiritual Artists in the world so I was invited to Psychic Fairs and Spiritual events of all kinds.  I began doing this work in South East Queensland but then as my reputation grew, I was invited to other cities in Australia.  I traveled also to UK and worked there over several visits with hops over to Europe.  In more recent years I traveled to USA 3 times and found a beautiful Spiritual home and family in Atlanta, Georgia.  As I traveled, I visited many, many sacred sights and met and learned from some amazing Elders and workers in the field of Spirituality both from formal religions and all levels of New Age Thought.  I have undergone many initiations and studied as many aspects of Spirituality as I was able.  I was ravenous for knowledge.  I never did find one group, doctrine or school of Thought that held all that I longed to know but I created a unique Path of my own to connection to Divine Presence.

Now, I have returned to my home on Bribie Island where the journey began.  I am at a point where I am no longer driven to travel, grow and learn but am contented to review my many extraordinary experiences and ponder on the wisdom attained from them.  It is time to paint and draw not just portraits but to encapsulate complex Spiritual concepts on a single page.   I welcome and relish this challenge and to this end, I am currently working on 3 Oracle card decks……watch for these as they come to fruition!  In the meantime though I would like to share with you some of the stories of wonderful experiences I have encountered during my life with Spiritual Art and also to offer artwork for you to enjoy here as well as copies or original pieces for your home.

My next adventure of sharing starts here…………


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  1. Dear Brenda,
    Congratulation on your Gallery. I love them all but especially admire the 1st one…the soul of the earth with the dove of peace. How much are you looking for and what would be the dimensions? I remember when you gave me a soul reading and drew a portrait of my spirit guide. It evidently was so accurate my body, my cells remembered and I could not stop crying…remember? It was in Atlanta at Horizon Healing Center and I never forgot it. You have an exceptional talent and I would love to have one of your creations in my living room. Contact me on irisbasham@yahoo.com.
    Sending my very best regards,

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  2. Dear Brenda,

    My name is Melinda, and I am a writer, you have provided me in the past with two of your spirit guide portraits. I have a passion for writing stories. Stories dripping with honesty and vulnerability, that wake up your heart, that scare you and change you, release and enlighten. These are the stories that are featured on my blog ME.
    I read on of your blog posts yesterday and this letter is me humbly inviting you to be kind enough to offer your story. To share a piece of yourself with me and the readers of my blog. This is a personal offer to you. I feature one woman a week on the blog and the women that I feature have either been referred to me, I have heard parts of your story or have followed or seen you on social media, women I have found interesting or have stimulated emotions within me. I write from a place of heart and passion, my best writing comes from me when I am inspired and feeling extreme emotions towards the story, or the observations that I have made, or the thoughts that are stirred from situations I have been in.

    As well as the section on my blog ME sister tribe, I also have a section called ME chats. This is me telling some of my stories. I couldn’t ask women to share their stories and me not do the same. On some days when I am about to press the blue publish button, my heart races and I wonder if I am exposing far too much of myself. But I push that blue button every time because I am writing honestly from my heart. And by being so open I have been blessed with supportive and loving readers of the blog and always receive thoughtful and interesting comments.
    Here are a couple of my favorite blog posts.


    Be careful what you wish for

    Justifying my creativity

    Getting to work like a lady

    I hope to hear from you soon, you are able to contact me on
    meled79@gmail.com I also invite you to have a look at my blog and social media accounts.
    ME blog
    Have a wonderful day
    Melinda xx

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