You are invited to join us for a free introductory talk and demonstration by Spiritual Artist, Brenda Kay, on 22nd July 2017, at the Henderson Gallery, Ernest St, South Brisbane,

Brenda will be delighted to share with you how her artwork and spirituality shaped an incredible journey that led her around the globe and spanned 20 years.

Spirit Guide Portraits were a major feature of Brenda’s early artwork and she will be demonstrating this art on the day.

Booking details are below.
Classes to Support You in Discovering Your Highest Creative Potential
In these frenetic times of busy-ness, striving for perfection and goal orientation, it is easy to become filled with self criticism, self judgment and fear of failure. My aim in these classes is to assist you to step aside from a focus on outcome and remember a gentler time when the joy and flow of creation stemmed from a connection to the natural rhythms of Nature and the Universe.
Each week a theme or spiritual concept will be chosen, helping us to focus our attention on how our perceptions shape ourselves and our lives. In opening to and allowing a more creative expression to move through us, it is possible to shift our limitations and find a new path forward.
In every act of creation, there is a moment of surrender to a part of us that overtakes our “knowledge” and moves into a “knowing” of the next step, the next natural movement in the flow of time and energy to produce something beyond what we think we are capable of. This can be said about art and about life. Please join us in opening to your creative Source and experience Joy in the process of expressing who you really are as art.
No artistic experience is necessary and all materials and equipment are supplied.
Classes begin on 29th July, 2017 at The Henderson Art Gallery, Ernest St., Sth. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.



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