This latest addition to my gallery is a painting that describes the Law of Attraction in our Universe. A small shot of the painting is below. This is an original, painted by me, and like all other works in the gallery, is for sale.

As we sit and meditate on our highest dreams and aspirations, there is a “Self” that holds the knowledge of our unique divine blueprint specifically designed to give shape to our lives.  As we open to possibilities, ready to receive the inspiration to achieve the next step on the road to our purpose, the “Higher Self” is ready to provide us with the intuitive ideas and creative spark that ignites, illuminates and provides momentum for the way forward.  

By the power of our desire and intent, in this way we magnetically draw to ourselves what is necessary to create our physical reality.  Just as a meteor magnetically gathers to itself the physical material necessary to maintain its trajectory through space, so we draw to ourselves that which we most focus upon with the awesome power of mind and intention.  This can be a double edged sword so be very mindful of the focus of your thoughts.

This is an A3 soft pastel on paper painting and is available for sale.  For further enquiries please contact me via Personal Message or at 

As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below


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