Beginning this blog marks a new phase in my journey with Art.  The last 3 years has seen for me a time of deep introspection, re-evaluation of “The Way” and a sometimes forced and sometimes very conscious and deliberate process of shedding all that no longer serves me NOW.

I have entered a new “home”……yes, I have a change of address but also metaphorically in my body, emotions and soul.  Today, I released my old website as it no longer reflects the Me who I am still in the process of discovering.  Doors open daily to greater, deeper, higher, broader elements of myself.  This blog is intended as a tool to share the discoveries of who I Am and as a means for me to observe the unfolding of the tapestry of a Self yet to be met through the art appearing on my easel.

The Heading “Living Spiritual Art” was chosen to describe a platform for sharing what has gone before in creating and shaping my Spiritual life until this point in time and space, as well as a means of expressing how my ever evolving relationship with my Spirituality appears as a living, energetic entity on canvas or paper.

Please join me as I  go forward……your Presence is welcome here!



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