You are invited to join us for a free introductory talk and demonstration by Spiritual Artist, Brenda Kay, on 22nd July 2017, at the Henderson Gallery, Ernest St, South Brisbane,

Brenda will be delighted to share with you how her artwork and spirituality shaped an incredible journey that led her around the globe and spanned 20 years.

Spirit Guide Portraits were a major feature of Brenda’s early artwork and she will be demonstrating this art on the day.

Booking details are below.
Classes to Support You in Discovering Your Highest Creative Potential
In these frenetic times of busy-ness, striving for perfection and goal orientation, it is easy to become filled with self criticism, self judgment and fear of failure. My aim in these classes is to assist you to step aside from a focus on outcome and remember a gentler time when the joy and flow of creation stemmed from a connection to the natural rhythms of Nature and the Universe.
Each week a theme or spiritual concept will be chosen, helping us to focus our attention on how our perceptions shape ourselves and our lives. In opening to and allowing a more creative expression to move through us, it is possible to shift our limitations and find a new path forward.
In every act of creation, there is a moment of surrender to a part of us that overtakes our “knowledge” and moves into a “knowing” of the next step, the next natural movement in the flow of time and energy to produce something beyond what we think we are capable of. This can be said about art and about life. Please join us in opening to your creative Source and experience Joy in the process of expressing who you really are as art.
No artistic experience is necessary and all materials and equipment are supplied.
Classes begin on 29th July, 2017 at The Henderson Art Gallery, Ernest St., Sth. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.




This latest addition to my gallery is a painting that describes the Law of Attraction in our Universe. A small shot of the painting is below. This is an original, painted by me, and like all other works in the gallery, is for sale.

As we sit and meditate on our highest dreams and aspirations, there is a “Self” that holds the knowledge of our unique divine blueprint specifically designed to give shape to our lives.  As we open to possibilities, ready to receive the inspiration to achieve the next step on the road to our purpose, the “Higher Self” is ready to provide us with the intuitive ideas and creative spark that ignites, illuminates and provides momentum for the way forward.  

By the power of our desire and intent, in this way we magnetically draw to ourselves what is necessary to create our physical reality.  Just as a meteor magnetically gathers to itself the physical material necessary to maintain its trajectory through space, so we draw to ourselves that which we most focus upon with the awesome power of mind and intention.  This can be a double edged sword so be very mindful of the focus of your thoughts.

This is an A3 soft pastel on paper painting and is available for sale.  For further enquiries please contact me via Personal Message or at 

As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below


I am very excited to announce that after a period of quiet retreat and healing I am now ready to share my paintings with the world via this blog.  My gallery is now open for your viewing pleasure!

All paintings in my gallery are available for sale so if you see one that speaks  to your soul, please send me an email for more information regarding size, price, buying process, mailing etc.  At this stage all of these works are pastel on paper however, I have plans to also work in acrylics on canvas in the future.

I will be regularly featuring the different paintings in the gallery one by one and sharing with you the inspiration behind the work.

I look forward to your interest!


Truth is Stranger than Fiction!

There is a strange story to be told about the early drawings of my youth and I swear it is entirely true!!

Those artworks of my teenage years were very close to my heart.  They spanned an important part of my life and I believe they very much reflect the girl that I was back then.  I did have hopes and aspirations to continue with my artwork and perhaps pursue a University course and/or a career as an artist but as most young girls did back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, I married very young at 19 and started a family immediately.  There was simply no time, energy, money, desire or motivation to fulfill my dreams and so for the next 23 years I was focused on being a wife and mother.

When I was pregnant with my first child, there was a defining moment of realization that my art dreams would not come to Light so I remember as if it were yesterday, packing my drawings and art materials in a box, sealing it, and saying to myself, after calculating what age I would be when I would be free to pick up the threads of this part of me, ”when I am 40 I will open this box again and continue the dream”.

Well, they say that we must be very careful what we ask for because it might just come true!  I did indeed receive an almighty Spiritual wake up call at 40 and yes, the box was re-opened and I began working within a few months of my 40th birthday as a Psychic Artist painting portraits of the Spirit Guides who I saw around my clients.  Here is one of the first Spirit Guides I drew at that time.  He was one of my own, a Native American who brought many life changing messages of deep wisdom……


A couple of years later, I went through my box of old drawings and found this quick sketch of a man “from my imagination”.  I realized that it was one and the same Spirit Guide I had recently drawn.  At that moment, I realized that I was drawing Spirit Guides at that very tender age without any conscious understanding of what I was actually doing……..


Sadly, because I had become a completely different woman from the one that my husband married 23 years earlier, my marriage ended and I moved into a small and very quirky furnished cottage.  In the bedroom was a lovely, 40’s style free standing wardrobe…..the type with a fancy carved border across the top.  It was a great, safe place to store my box of drawings along with various other objects and boxes, as there was very little storage space in the house.  Eventually, I moved on from this place and lived in Victoria for several years with my new partner.

A little time had passed after I made this move and I suddenly realized I did not have my drawings with me!!  I was devastated!!  I had no idea what had happened to them and concluded that I must have accidentally been taken to the dump or to the charity shop with other unwanted items.  It took a long time to forgive myself and find a place of Peace given that they were no longer in my life.  This event  hit very hard as they represented a beautiful and happy time in my life…..a beautiful reminder of a young girl full of hope.

Unfortunately, my second relationship also ended and I found myself back on Bribie Island just as my first born was having her first child.  I was feeling quite lost at that time and hoped that finding a place of my own again would give me the space to rediscover myself so I could find the momentum to move forward again.

I was staying with my daughter initially till I could find a suitable home and actually had to walk past my old quirky cottage to get to the beach.  I noticed that all the windows were shut and the curtains drawn each day as I passed.  One day I stopped in front of the house and said out loud. feeling a little stupid, “you’re empty!”    The next day I went to the real estate agent and asked about it.  The agent said “Oh yes, it has been empty for a month while the owners have done renovations.  I hope you are looking for a place to live because the owners would be thrilled to have you back!”.  Needless to say, I signed a lease then and there and moved in within a week.

On moving day, I went to put a suitcase on top of the beautiful old wardrobe which was still in the bedroom and as I placed it up there, I put my hand on some papers.  I picked one up, and there inside a squashed cardboard box were my precious drawings, very dusty but still intact!  I cried for a long time…..then started my life over.


First Memories…..

The first “knowing” that there was some higher life/purpose/quality that existed beyond my body came at a very early age.  I would have been about 4 years old when my Grandad was very sick in hospital.  The whole family went together to visit him and I remember my Mum preparing me and saying that it was really important to be still and quiet because there would be many sick people in the ward and they needed peace and quiet to get well. When I saw him laying there on the bed, I knew exactly what to do.  I sat beside him on his pillow and placed my hands on his right shoulder.  I wanted to fidget because I got stiff and bored after a while but at the same time, I was intrigued by the movement of energy through my body and my hands into Grandad.  There was a constant flow of tingles and I kept getting goosebumps. I remember thinking that I was” helping him” and it was the right thing to do.  I just accepted this as being perfectly normal and eventually the tingles and bumps stopped coming so I got down from my place on the pillow and probably did my fidgeting and got impatient till it was time to go.

The ability to draw and paint did not come to me so easily I’m afraid.  When I went to school I saw children who were very good at drawing and I so very desperately wanted to draw the images that appeared in my mind’s eye.  From the beginning of my life, I have thought in pictures.  I understood that everyone did but apparently not.  I always had beautiful images in my head and I tried so hard to replicate them on paper but it wasn’t to be.

When I turned 12 and started high school, as part of the curriculum I was required to go to Art classes.  I was actually rather reluctant because I knew I would fail the subject for sure.  On the very first day we were given homework and that was to go home and draw the first person we saw as we walked in the door.  It just happened to be my Grandpop and so I got the shock of my life when a very good likeness of him just found its way from my pencil and onto my page!


No one could have been more surprised and delighted than me…….this began a daily practice and evolvement of technique.  Interestingly,  the only thing I was remotely interested in drawing and painting was the human face.  I would sit for hours in my room with magazines laid out on my bed and drew the faces in them from every angle possible.There were even some self portraits in the mix.


Mostly though, I loved to draw the faces that were in my mind’s eye.  Sometimes, I would purposely not look for a face there but simply allowed a face to flow onto the paper as I watched, detached from the process and simply observing it unfold.

Little did I know that it was this very technique that I still employ when drawing Spirit Guide Portraits for my clients.

Over the years, I have experienced dozens of beautiful moments when my clients recognize  the face of a relative or dear friend who has passed over.  Many tears of Joy have been shed in the realization that they are still close to them and able to communicate with them in such a beautiful and tangible way.  It gives so much hope to so many.  I am deeply honoured and grateful for this extraordinary gift.

I’m loving exploring WordPress – what a beautiful tool to bring my words to the world!


Beginning this blog marks a new phase in my journey with Art.  The last 3 years has seen for me a time of deep introspection, re-evaluation of “The Way” and a sometimes forced and sometimes very conscious and deliberate process of shedding all that no longer serves me NOW.

I have entered a new “home”……yes, I have a change of address but also metaphorically in my body, emotions and soul.  Today, I released my old website as it no longer reflects the Me who I am still in the process of discovering.  Doors open daily to greater, deeper, higher, broader elements of myself.  This blog is intended as a tool to share the discoveries of who I Am and as a means for me to observe the unfolding of the tapestry of a Self yet to be met through the art appearing on my easel.

The Heading “Living Spiritual Art” was chosen to describe a platform for sharing what has gone before in creating and shaping my Spiritual life until this point in time and space, as well as a means of expressing how my ever evolving relationship with my Spirituality appears as a living, energetic entity on canvas or paper.

Please join me as I  go forward……your Presence is welcome here!